Public Relations

Public Relations is a term that is often thrown around diminishing its meaning.

What is it?

Public Relations is much more than protecting the identity and reputation of a brand, individual, or organization.

It’s the ecosystem that continues to evolve and live in media.

Putting a story together and sharing it across all media channels is a piece of the PR puzzle.

I can help you or your organization by developing a PR strategy suitable to your industry to effectively identify and target key influencers.

Press Kit Development: If you don’t have a press kit on your site, it’s hard for media or potential customers to see what is going on with your brand. I will develop a press kit that includes more than just a press release .

Media Plan: It is tough to find exactly where you want your content to go and where you want to publish your content.  With the right media plan you can pitch your new product or new content that will get you new viewers and customers.

Consulting: I provide 1:1 consulting to help you maximize your goals and to find the solution to your opportunities.

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