About Me

First off, I dislike writing lengthy bios.

Prior to the reawakening and reshifting of this site, I used to write unnecessarily lengthy bios. They’re sometimes fun to write.

I’m a writer first and foremost and i’ve met and interviewed some of the coolest cats out there. (More to come).

My writing background extends from my start as a public relations representative at a theme park to radio to television. Essentially my career started out as a press release writer for Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Yeah, seriously. Rollercoasters.

It was then I realized how much I wanted to write and tell stories.

My career floated and I landed at iHeartMedia in San Antonio where I produced original content and wrote different stories for several stations. I interviewed artists, musicians, and such on camera too. Something else I enjoy.

Radio was fun but then TV came knocking on my door. So, I answered.

Long story short I wrote all sorts of fun stories including entertainment pieces, music interviews, entertainment news, breaking news (yup, blood, guts, and stuff), and overall pieces that the news director allowed me to write.

From there I developed an even further and deeper love for writing and interviewing guests of all kinds for news stories and special features.

After that, I somehow ended up in the world of finance and home mortgages. Yeah.

THEN, after that, I jumped into a content marketing manager role with a mattress company that is 100% legit (lookin’ at you Nectar).

My current role (day job) is the Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations at Sabey Data Centers in Austin, TX.

Well, this turned out to be one of those lengthy bios I said I disliked writing. Anywho, feel free to connect with me and drop me a line. If you like my stories, share, comment, and well you know the drill.

Catch you later. One more thing, Go Road Runners! C/O ’13.

Currently Writing For:
-CBS Austin
-News 4 San Antonio
-Fox San Antonio
-CW San Antonio

Writing Alumnus of:
-Six Flags Fiesta Texas
-Creative Socialite

Email Me: contact@jamiebarrientos.com

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