Social Media Geniuses Don’t Exist

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Social Media Geniuses Don’t Exist

Through the ever changing medium of social networks lies one central problem: the non-existent “social media expert.” There is no such thing as a social media expert or guru. Why? To simply answer, there is no sure fire way to become a “social media expert.” You learn and adapt to each social network and their growth.

In my experience managing social media for companies, there has been one common area of opportunity: social media strategy. Back in 2012, I worked at an amusement park, they had zero social media presence for being such a large company in a big chain. As a previous user and beta tester of social media networks, I started to formulate strategies based on my own experience.

What happened next? Changes in audience growth occurred, audience response, audience engagement, and audience storytelling. I had done research and looked at the biggest companies that were doing social media right, one standout in my mind was Mountain Dew. Their Facebook page is filled with macro images and one-sentence captions and one constant, tons of likes and comments per post and unique shares.

What did I do? Learned from these companies and looked into Facebook’s constantly changing algorithm to tailor my plan.

Is there an expert you can call for your company to handle your social media? Maybe. Why do that when you have the tools to help craft your social media presence at your disposal? It is easy to see why companies are afraid to do their own social media.

As a marketer and an influencer, you can’t be afraid to manage the presence of your company. If you need help don’t call a “social media expert.” Do some research and look into what the biggest companies are doing. A key insight to this, is to see which companies are doing the exact same thing on their social pages.

Check out these helpful tools that can help you get your company out in the center of the social media universe.

Understanding Facebook, right here, they give you the materials to understand their algorithm. Facebook also offers free analytics and insights into how your posts are performing. It surprisingly useful and easy to understand. Need insights on Twitter? Right here, an easy to use, free analytics tool to understand how your company is doing on Twitter. Using Google can also help you measure your brand identity and influence. Need help measuring click rates? Use custom links using, you can track how many clicks your article or image has with its very handy analytics.

Use this bit of information, as I have learned throughout the years and become the champion of your company’s social media presence. Don’t be afraid to tackle on the social media beast and don’t call an “expert” when you have all the right tools at your finger tips.

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