Post-SXSW: Here Again; Gone Again

AUSTIN – The dust has finally settled, planes have flown out, and both bands and brands have come and gone to the annual 2019 South by Southwest Festival.

Another SXSW in the books but we can honestly say that we’re ready for the 2020 festival to get here. The festival filled with music, interactive, and film brought thousands of people to the city of Austin and also national and international musical acts to boast.

Some post-festival highlights include surprise guests appearances by Justice among others, interactive gaming panels, performances on Rainey Street, and also sets at the Main on Sixth.

Post-SXSW Highlights:

Peanut Butter Wolf at the Showtime House:
Legendary DJ and Stones Throw Record founder Peanut Butter Wolf threw down a mean DJ set filled with classic tunes at the Showtime House. The silly part of it all was seeing people watching the musical act prior (Francis and The Lights), then immediately clear the floor for PBW. I was floored and made my way to the front stage to catch the legendary performance and also dance and take photos.

Surprising to see such an intimate DJ set up close. I yelled, “Kill it, Chris!” Just before he went on and saw a quick smirk as my friends and I hung out with a couple brews.

Theodore at Parlor & Yard on West Sixth:
Greek artist Theodore threw one electrifying performance. Electrifying is one word to describe Theodore by insane is also another great way to describe just how good he was performing live with the band.  Playing hits off his recent album, ‘Inner Dynamics’ Theodore had a few choice words about bands looking to play at SXSW.

“South by is great, it’s our second year here. We’re having fun. It’s a jungle, it’s a warzone but you’ll have fun. If you’re here lucky enough you’ll get somewhere,” Theodore speaking on his festival experience and giving his tips to bands that are interested.

Year0001 Showcase at The Main:
The Year0001 showcase might be one of my favorite highlights of the festival. The crowd was energetic and lively and one of the neater sides of the show was that members of Year0001 were walking around in between each other’s sets and talking to fans.

Rappers Ecco2K, Thaiboy Digital, Bladee, and the elusive Yung Lean all were part of the event and played a selection of their hits.

Cherry Glazerr at Container Bar:
The three-piece outfit out of Los Angeles rocked the Container Bar on Rainey Street and gave fans a performance as crystal clear as their sound on vinyl. Cherry Glazerr had fans swaying, singing, and dancing including myself.

The best part was sneaking into the upstairs VIP area of the Container Bar for the last 10 minutes of their set and seeing it from up above.

Alienware Gaming Panel:
As a gamer, it was a must to see the Alienware panel, ‘The Impact of Gaming on Pop Culture,’ touched upon the stigmas of modern gaming and its impact on culture alike. The panel included industry celebrities and professionals including Trey Smith, son of actor Will Smith.

“I’ve been gaming for two decades since I was like five and you know, I have a very interesting relationship with gaming. I think the way it brings people together is just so phenomenal,” Smith when asked about the importance of gaming to him.

Seamoya at the Freehold x Native Block Party:
One of the great things about SXSW is being able to experience new music. I got lucky and happened to stumble upon a German band by the name of Seamoya.

The funky and psychedelic three-piece band played some groovy rhythms and really brought together the experience for those in attendance. I had the chance to speak with them after their performance as they were loading up their van for their next gig.

“It’s awesome to hang out with other musicians, music heads, industry people, and people like you. It’s amazing, it’s great. Sometimes it feels stressful but then at the same time it’s just crazy to let go and go with the flow, that’s it,” band member Elias on his experience at the festival.

SXSW you were wild and fun, see you in 2020.

This article was originally published for News 4 San Antonio.