SA artist paints new ‘I Love My Spurs’ wall for charity

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio based artist and director, Luis Munoz, painted a new Spurs wall for charity.

Munoz painted a similar wall in 2015 that quickly went viral. The “I Love Tacos So Much” wall received praise for its charitable endeavors and initiative. For each picture posted on Instagram with the included hashtag, a dollar was donated to charity.

The new “I Love My Spurs” wall has a special charity drive behind it too. For each picture taken on Instagram of the wall with the hashtag “#ILoveMySpurs,” Munoz plans to donate one dollar towards the Child Advocates of San Antonio.

When asked about what inspired him to create the wall, Munoz said, “You know, what inspires me when I do things like this is giving back. I’m trying to show people you can have fun and give back to the community. I want to inspire people to give back to the city. I figured, what better way to do it than make it Spurs related and give back to charity.”

Former San Antonio Spur Brent Barry took pictures with the wall and shared them on his Instagram channel.

You can visit the wall at Richter Goods located on 2202 Broadway, downtown.

This article originally appeared on News 4 San Antonio.