Facebook’s VR Oculus partners with Six Flags for new ride experience

SAN ANTONIO – Virtual Reality has taken on a new life and has entered theme parks.

Virtual Reality giants, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus, are partnering with Six Flags to immerse guests in a Virtual Reality world by adding a new VR experience to rollercoasters.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas unveiled Superman: Krypton Virtual Reality Coaster which promises to deliver a fully-rendered virtual reality experience putting guests in the fictitious world of Superman battling against Lex Luthor while riding their rollercoaster.

The experience has riders strapping on VR headsets produced by tech giants, Samsung and Facebook owned Oculus.

Superman originally debuted at Fiesta Texas in 2000 and features six inversions and takes riders on a 70-mph run on its steel tracks.

The Superman: Krypton Coaster VR experience is the first VR experience in North America to be included on a rollercoaster at a theme park.

Six Flags also plans to incorporate VR technology into their other theme parks across the country.

This article was originally published and featured on News 4 San Antonio.