Bands you need to see at Maverick Music Festival (seriously)

SAN ANTONIO – The River Walk is usually home to a crowded mess of tourists, patrons drinking margaritas, eating Tex-Mex, or ducks looking for leftover bits of chips on the floor.

Today and Saturday though, Maverick Music Festival takes on the River Walk with performances lined up at the historic La Villita.

Ever see a punk band shred on the River Walk? If you answered no, then you still have a chance to catch a lot of great acts including Public Enemy and The Flaming Lips, whoa.

Maverick Music Festival hopes to bring the noise (heh) to the River Walk. Check out the bands you can’t miss if you are going to the festival. Get tickets, here.

The Octopus Project

I remember being in high school and hanging out in the cafeteria eating the worst cafeteria food ever. A friend of mine introduced me to this band one day. At first, I did not understand what to make of it, I was instantly hooked afterwards. This was before the dawn of social media and hashtags, yeah that place existed once. Austin natives, The Octopus Project, are an experimental set who produce a unique sound of experimental, electronica, insanity, and a great time.

Young Fathers

Ok, this one was not from high school but from college. I may have skipped out on my communications class at noon (sorry Professor Kline) but Young Fathers was on a playlist I had made one evening “studying.” The Scottish trio bring a broad mix of hip hop, pop, indie, and vocals that will shake you up inside.

The Flaming Lips

Oh, boy. Where do I begin? I was going to write a very passionate and angst ridden story about how I would skateboard and be a rebel while listening to The Flaming Lips but I’ll spare you the diatribe against myself. It’s the freaking Flaming Lips man. If you haven’t heard of them. I am so sorry. Here’s a video to get you started. Enjoy.

Public Enemy

Ok, I don’t need to say anything about this legendary group. Just listen. Please.

Alyson Alonzo

I had the pleasure of catching her performances in San Antonio. My favorite to date was watching her take the stage at Hi-Tones on the St. Mary’s strip to large crowd packed in tightly. Her performances are fueled with passion and soul that entrance you as you listen on. Alyson Alonzo, a hidden gem from San Antonio, is a herald for dark and inspiring soulful music.

This article was originally featured on News 4 San Antonio.