Social Media Day celebrates impact on communication

SAN ANTONIO – From selfies to Snapchat stories lasting longer than a newscast, one day stands out among those deeply involved in social media.

Making its debut in 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day to celebrate the impact that social media has had on communication. June 30 marks the annual celebration of beloved social media platforms, although, one could say that Social Media Day is every day.

The use of social media offers a variety of options from posting pictures to Instagram, sharing micro-stories on Snapchat, connecting with friends and family on Facebook, uploading videos to YouTube for the entire world to see, and much more.

There is no shortage of connectivity with celebrities, politicians, sports organizations, and big name companies engaging with their audiences and fans on social media.
Celebrate Social Media Day and share a selfie or two and maybe a few tweets.

This article was originally featured and published on News 4 San Antonio.