Cohesive passion, mosh pits and Touché Amoré at Paper Tiger

SAN ANTONIO – The smell of blood mixed with sweat and old beer filled the main room at Paper Tiger downtown for Touché Amoré.

The mosh pit revved up quickly and I dodged a few fists heading towards my head. I survived.

I turned on my Fitbit to track how many calories I burned while moshing among the angry and angsty crowd of people because I thought it was funny.

Wearables plus concerts in 2016 and a crowd of millennials? What’s not to love?

Ceremony, the band before Touché did that to the crowd. A great warm up before the final act of the night.

The crowd was piling in and eagerly awaited Touché Amoré . You could feel the tension in the air, as the mosh pit had not yet materialized since Ceremony. Their newest album “Stage 4” deals with very personal themes of the band and is a new direction for the outlet. Touché Amoré did not hold anything back from the crowd.

Funny side note, I had gone to the restroom for a short break and lead singer Jeremy Bolm walked in. (See selfie below)

We did not really have time for chit-chat since he was in a rush, he hurried backstage after the photo to avoid any other further confrontations.

Touché Amoré took the stage and quickly delved deep into their set as fans sang along, created mosh pits, and others whom felt emotionally attached to certain lyrics of songs formed a cohesive bond of passion for this band.

I burned 278 calories and must have sweat a gallon and might have some bumps and bruises. They will heal.

Listen to them and enjoy each track of their albums, each one an immersive experience of sound, soul-penetrating lyrics, and resonance.

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