Mala Luna Music Festival unleashes large festival presence in debut, 30,000 in attendance

SAN ANTONIO – Sold out Mala Luna Music Festival hit San Antonio hard with large rap acts and loud house music to a crowd of 30,000 at Lone Star Brewery downtown.

It was difficult to pinpoint the exact moment I realized that I was watching a very massive and successful festival in San Antonio and not in any other major city.

 There were a lot of controversial moments including rapper Lil Yachty calling out Soulja Boy by having the crowd repeatedly chanting “Fuck Soulja Boy.” In which the crowd participated in unison.

That might have been the defining moment that dawned on many including myself that San Antonio is finally getting recognized and getting the attention of large music festivals.

30,000 San Antonio music fans packed the venue from the front stage area toward the vendor booths just to catch their favorite artist.

Lil Yachty’s energetic set stood out to me the most, having the crowd sing-a-long to songs off his album “Lil Boat” and embroiling an entire crowd into a rap beef that he’s been very vocal about.

Travis Scott closed out night one of Mala Luna playing all of his massive hits including “Antidote.”

Noticeably absent from Mala Luna day two was rapper Kevin Gates, who is currently incarcerated for assaulting one of his fans. Rapper Jeezy was added in to replace Gate’s performance.

Day two closed out with rapper G-Eazy and iconic house producer Kaskade.


As I waited outside his trailer, assistants carrying massive cakes walked out of the door to prepare for Mala Luna’s Steve Aoki set. They were huge.

Before his set the enigmatic and elusive Steve Aoki talked about performing in San Antonio and the release of his music projects with punk bands.

“I love Texas. It’s been awhile since I played in San Antonio. It’s interesting this state has so many different cultures. It’s a country in itself. Fans out here always go crazy,” said Steve Aoki.

Aoki talked about choosing the right cake for the crowd and what he looks for in one.

“It’s about colors and explosion factor. Our cakes are meant to hit faces and they’re tasty. We got ten cakes,” said Aoki.

Aoki recently released a remixed song by major punk band Blink 182. Aoki discussed getting back into punk music and the acts he has and is working with.

“I’ve already worked with Linkin Park, Fallout Boy, worked with Big John from The Exploited. Going back into that realm is very natural for me and I’m excited to get back into it,” Aoki continued.


The Steve Aoki interview. Photo by Spencer Cooley.

Rapper Lil Yachty. Photo by Spencer Cooley.

Crowd shot. Photo by Spencer Cooley.

This article was originally published and featured on Fox San Antonio.