Fuck it, i’m writing again and At The Drive-In is playing the Aztec

SAN ANTONIO – Ever had that gut wrenching feeling that you should be doing something but you are just too lazy to do it? Or not passionate about it anymore?

Not me. Jk. That WAS me but not anymore.

The epiphany struck me like a lightning bolt the other night. I actually missed writing. No, not the fluff news stories I was used to writing while I was back working the early morning 6AM shift at the television stations.

I missed pouring my heart and soul into words that you could read, ingest, and encompass on events you may have missed. From now on, you will have me as your backup to live variously. Or, you could attend with me as well.

I’m back on the news coverage train and i’ll be reviewing events, music shows, interviewing artists, writing stories about mosh pits, and cheap beer. Something you can read while on the John and tell your kids about. And family.

No, i’m not going to appease to all of you BUT if there are a few of you out there that do enjoy these words written after a long day of reviewing spreadsheets, the more the merrier.

Anywho, i’m going to cover a couple of upcoming events and one in particular peeks my interest.

At The Drive-In at the Aztec Theater this Friday. Oh yeah. Legendary post-hardcore outfit from El Paso, TX. So much history and roots and the band that drove the careers of Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López, playing right here in our very own, San Anto.

Relationship of Command was one of the CDs that I was constantly listening to in high school pretending that I was upset about something. It spoke to me. The monumental track, “One Armed Scissor” pushed me to the brink.

I’ll never forget the feeling after I put the CD in my worn walkman that parents bought me at the flea market and I heard the opening track and the opening maracas shaking on ‘Arcarsenal.’ Blown. Away.

The recently reformed post-hardcore outfit is playing at the Aztec this Friday. I should be there. If i’m not. I’ll be at the Korova celebrating emo night.

If you haven’t already (wtf are you doing?) heard their newest album ‘in•ter a•li•a’ go listen to it and prepare yourself before Friday. That is, if you are attending. Cheers.

Favorite Track of in•ter a•li•a: Hostage Stamps

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