Emo Nite LA goes full send in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — Usually, you’re stuck in traffic on 1604 or 281, but what makes it better is singing along to songs from your youth and memorable days.

Emo Nite LA is the culmination and brainchild of three individuals who sought to bring together a community of people who embraced a musical culture from the late ‘90s and ‘00s. A multi-city tour that runs across several cities including San Antonio, LA (obviously), Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, and more.

But what exactly is emo?

From the Oxford Dictionary, “A style of rock music resembling punk but having more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with more emotional subjects.”

Now, envision hundreds of others, not in traffic but in one room singing in along to the same songs you love. That’s what Emo Nite is all about. Frantic fun, loud music, alcohol, dancing, and of course emo music.

It really doesn’t get much better than that. Well, I mean, subjectively speaking.

There’s a neat little speak-easy type bar on East Houston Street called Cellar Mixology. It’s a neat spot to have a couple of drinks before a night out. I took someone there who had never been, it was an experience. How does this tie to the story? Well, there’s a cocktail there called the “Abolengo” and it is Mezcal based. Smoky, raspberry and ginger infused mezcal.

Mezcal plus emo music equals an amazing night. Not to digress, it was endearing to see the inner-children of many adults out laughing, singing, dancing, and having a lot of fun on stage.

Each song that played had me reminiscing over memories from when those songs were popular, from high school through college, it truly was a blast from the past.

I couldn’t’ help but notice that I was singing a lot without realizing it. My friend was heavily enjoying the night as well, she was dancing and headbanging. Pretty metal.

When asked about Emo Nite and its impact, Emo Nite LA team member Teresa Carpenter said, “I feel like I’ve still been living in my emo world for years, I think we all have. I think we kind of like having an outlet to come together as a community.”

That hit so hard, but she was right. I’ve been listening constantly, on top of all the new music throughout the years, music from that era. I can name a lot of bands that are on rotation on my Spotify account where I do enjoy coming back to often.

“It’s like oh shit, you like Fall Out Boy, I like Fall Out Boy. We could go somewhere and have a great time and be ourselves instead of going to a club that is playing Top 40 the entire night,” said Emo Nite team member Orlando Mendoza.

It dawned me that they were absolutely correct and Emo Nite made it work for everyone. What’s crazy is that while these songs were popular, you’d never think to hear them at a venue/bar in the style and vein of a club.

If you missed out on Emo Nite LA in San Antonio, they do have other dates on their tour and I’m sure they’ll be back to the Alamo City.

Later days.

This article was originally published on News 4 San Antonio.