A$AP Rocky Injures San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – A$AP Rocky’s detour to visit San Antonio’s injured generation resulted in one of the most frantic and creative performances.

Two parts rapper, one part performance artist, one part wordsmith, two parts punk rocker, one part charisma, one part courageousness, and with a dash of animosity is how I would describe A$AP Rocky.

Rocky made sure San Antonio was high-energy at all times during his stop at the Freeman Coliseum.

In one of the most experiential performances I had been to, to date, the show introduction immediately placed you in the role as a “test” subject in A$AP Rocky’s sandbox. He came to play and so did we.

“San Antonio, what the f*** is up!?,” proclaimed Rocky.

From up above and all around, you could hear the voice of a digital monotone female voice giving fans in the coliseum instruction. Now pay close attention.

You were to mosh, smile, frown, and be silent at situations during the concert at the behest of the digital “angel,” as I’m calling her and the aid of giant cards with the same words written on them.

“Don’t worry mom and dad, it’ll be ok,” echoed A$AP Rocky as he silently ended his song, The Kids Turned Out Fine.

The injured generation was here. I had the fortunate-misfortune of being on two ends of polar opposite generations.

We weren’t alright, but at the same time we were. It was an eerie and impactful semblance working in balance with 1999’s The Offspring, The Kids Aren’t Alright. Two and two together.

Rocky made sure the pyrotechnics were bright, the aesthetic was loud, and that he showed up to the Alamo City to wreak havoc.

“DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 10 PUSH-UPS,” the digital-angel blasted through the speakers.

To the floor Rocky bolted down and performed all 10 push-ups in the middle of the song. No cap, no stop, and full send straight back into the song. It felt like something straight out of 1984 and it was fun to be a part of.

I often talk about how high-energy rappers are but Rocky takes it up three notches above 11. He’s loud, he’s aware, he’s fun, and he invites you to always match his energy. So, we try our best to match it in the stands and in the mosh pit (more on that later).

One of my absolute favorite moments of the night was when Rocky descended from the top of the stage performing his hit song, Gunz N Butter, all while rapping on top of a car, all while two other cars descended alongside with him.

Most recently, Rocky celebrated A$AP Mob co-founder and best friend Steven Rodriguez or commonly known as A$AP Yams. A$AP Yams’ life was celebrated with the fourth annual Yams Day in Brooklyn. The show featured appearances from A$AP Mob & Friends with A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy, A$AP Nast, A$AP Ant, Ski Mask The Slump God, and other guests.

The former mob member was found dead and his death was ruled as an accidental overdose at the age of 26.

In a recent interview with GQ , Rocky explained that he was sober (for now), as of this writing, he has been sober for 22 days.

“It’s been 18 days. I’m sober right now, my head is on straight, man, I’m happy to be here, I’m high off life, bro. I’m also trying to cut out all the sugars and shit. When I turned 30, my metabolism sloooowed way down. And on top of that, the weed was just having me f***ed up bro, honestly.”

Rocky maintains that he will be sober for all of 2019.

I share the same sentiment. I’m 30, and I completely understand how alcohol now impacts me along with other dietary restrictions. That and the physicality of throwing punches and running amok in a mosh pit. While on stage, Rocky called for a large mosh pit.

The Mosh Incident:

“Police you can’t stop them kids, this the injured generation,” shouted A$AP Rocky toward the security guards and police together.

He was right. This generation doesn’t care about rules or what you think about them. They will break your barrier down, push you aside, smoke weed in front of your face, and throw beer at you, and they did it all. I was a witness.

The kid that got pulled onstage with Rocky watching the crowd in a feverish mosh frenzy is the reason you’re reading this.

That was my inner child manifesting itself in present reality. I always envisioned myself as a kid, alongside my punk idols and being one of the group. That kid did it and this one is for him.

Rocky called for the fans in their paid seats to unify with those in the lower ground level general admission area to join together for a large mosh-pit. I was almost tempted to rush down along the others, however, I saw myself right across from Rocky. Then remembered, he is safely on stage as I was in my seat, he and I are both about a year apart in age.

You’re never too old for insanity, but you’re also never too old to be aware and understand your situation, that and I was already feeling really good after a few drinks, so I did not want to ruin my personal vibe.

Luckily, I able to share the moment with my younger brother, William.

Rocky sought to tear down the coliseum and in short, did so while tearing down the San Antonio wall.

This story was originally published on News 4 San Antonio.